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Speak Up Safely And Stop Ram Raids

Crime Stoppers wants to put a focus on Ram Raids by allowing those who know something to be able to speak up safely.

Starting on the King’s Birthday long weekend, Crime Stoppers will focus on building awareness of how anonymous reporting can help stop Ram Raids. The campaign will feature large posters in Ram Raid hot spots in Auckland, Hamilton, and Christchurch, and uses the recently introduced SOLV platform to inform anyone surfing the net in specific areas about safely sharing what you know, not who you are.

Crime Stoppers CEO Hadyn Smith says that Ram Raids and robberies involving vehicles is introducing far too many children and tamariki into the gang mindset and as care givers and parents we need to act to break the cycle.

“Our young people think this is fun, but we all need to speak up before lives and careers are dashed. The real tragedy with Ram Raids is that communities, whānau, and our children and tamariki’s childhoods are being wrecked. Nothing about Ram Raids is acceptable, but those that are in the know are often too scared to say anything. Speaking up to break someone out of a life of crime is indeed the right thing to do. Crime Stoppers is a safe, anonymous, and independent reporting alternative to the authorities that allows anyone to speak up in a safe and timely fashion.”

“It’s also an opportunity for us to emphasise that Crime Stoppers is not the Police, that we are truly independent and any report to us is 100% anonymous. One call about a Ram Raid or car theft or who was involved, could perhaps remove someone from a life of crime or a whānau from the misery of being stuck in a bad place. Communities exist because of the good they can support, and telling us what you know is an option that will help us all.”

This campaign isn’t just about reporting knowledge of Ram Raids – it’s about building the awareness of how Crime Stoppers can help communities today and at any time in the future.

Campaign posters can be downloaded from this link.

Crime Stoppers is not the Police or authorities. If you know something isn’t right, you can help by making an anonymous report – any time, any day, anywhere.

Report online – www.crimestoppers-nz.org

Report by phone – 0800 555 111