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Safely Speaking Up In Aotearoa

Let’s deal with the fear of reporting what you know? When anyone tells the truth about crime, they should never feel vulnerable. But, that is the reality for many in Aotearoa New Zealand. Crime Stoppers allows you to speak up but, more importantly, is safe, anonymous and independent of the authorities. Crime Stoppers exists to understand what you know, not who you are.

That message is part of a 15-week crime awareness campaign run by Crime Stoppers that comes to an end this week with a focus on letting people know how to speak up safely.

Crime Stoppers CEO Hadyn Smith says that everyone, especially the vulnerable, needs to be able to speak up and tell the truth. Crime Stoppers is a charity dedicated to ensuring communities can speak up. Mr Smith says,

“Those influenced and affected by crime may be too scared to speak up or do not want to get involved. Even in the family harm environment, people know things aren’t right but remain reluctant to speak up. Crime Stoppers removes such barriers and allows all New Zealander’s to do the right thing in a safe and timely fashion. When something isn’t right, we must all be able to speak up safely”.

Using Crime Stoppers is not just about reporting what you know, it’s about building an informed focus on everything from gang activity to drug production, cold cases and family harm – to name just a few. If you know something isn’t right, then you can do the right thing and safely speak up using Crime Stoppers.

Mr Smith says there are so many ways Aotearoa New Zealand can use Crime Stoppers. He says,

“Look at what isn’t good in your community crime wise and speak up. There is no safety catch on gang members with a gun, family related assaults never lead to a good outcome, and methamphetamine distribution is a threat to everyone. Having someone else stand up for those in or at risk of going down the criminal rabbit hole is sometimes the best way of getting them the help they need”.

People who know something can safely and anonymously report online at www.crimestoppers-nz.org or by phone at 0800 555 111. Reports can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A range of posters has been created to promote this campaign. They are A3 and A4 printable and can be found here on the Crime Stoppers website.

A short YouTube video explaining how Crime Stoppers works can also be found by scrolling down when you arrive at the Crime Stoppers website landing page and click on “The Crime Stoppers NZ Explanation Video“.

For more information, please give me a call or make contact.

Nga mihi
Hadyn Smith