0800 555 111

Overseas callers please call +64 9 927 3971


What information do you have?

For Immigration offences and/or any issues involving migrants where you don’t require to be anonymous

If you wish to be anonymous and you know the type of crime you are reporting
(If you are unsure of the type, check from the table below)

Illegal activities you can report to Immigration anonymously

Any of these illegal activities may involve family harm. It is important that you provide this information it if applies.

AttributeAny of these illegal activities may have the following attribute
Family Harm Family harm is an illegal activity, usually violence or abuse, committed in a family setting, such as in a marriage or cohabitation. It may involve adults and children

Criminal Offending Overseas & NZUndisclosed criminal history.
ExploitationEmployer is significantly underpaying or not paying their employee(s); poor workplace conditions; victims may or may not have a visa.
False IdentityPerson entered NZ using the identity of another person or using a fictitious identity.
Over-stayer Who May or May Not be WorkingForeign national whose visa has expired; may or may not be working.
Breach of Visa Not adhering to conditions of visa, ie. not working for specified employer/occupation; student working more than 20 hours a week; working in sex industry.
Termination of EmploymentEmployer advises visa holder their employment has been terminated.
False or Inflated JobsJobs that either do not exist or job description has been inflated, ie. said to be a Restaurant Manager, but working as a waiter.
Partnership/Marriage ScamOne party has duped the other, or both are complicit; has fraudulently obtained a visa; usually involves loss of finance.
People TraffickingA person has been recruited, transported, transferred, harboured or received, either within New Zealand or across the border, using coercion or deception. Often, the purpose will be to exploit the person
Other Immigration CrimesIncludes: false qualifications, false family relationships , undeclared health condition, false work references, student/education fraud, Immigration Advisor fraud.