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Knowing The Signs Of Migrant Exploitation

If you see it, report it. Crime Stoppers wants people to step up in the immigration space and report visa abuse, migrant exploitation and trafficking when they are aware of it.

It’s all part of an ongoing crime awareness campaign run by Crime Stoppers, an organisation dedicated to letting people report crime safely and anonymously.

Crime Stoppers CEO Hadyn Smith says exploitation, trafficking and visa abuse can take many forms, but there are warning signs people can look out for.

“An employment situation can speak volumes. Are people sleeping on the premises? Is the workplace set up to keep people in rather than keep people out? These are all signs that something may not be right.”

And that’s not all. Mr Smith says there are other things to be aware of that are possible signs of migrant exploitation. He says,

“Look at the way the workers are treated. If they’re isolated and appear afraid of their employer, then it’s well worth reporting. Too often, migrant workers are bullied into silence by offenders and having someone else stand up for them is sometimes the best way of getting them the help they need”.

According to Immigration NZ, as at 20 January 2023, 192 people were approved for a migrant exploitation protection work visa. Crime Stoppers urges any victims of migrant exploitation or anyone who knows of it happening to report it.

People can also safely and anonymously report cases online or by phone on 0800 555 111. Reports can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A range of posters has been created to promote the campaign. They are A3 and A4 printable and can be found on the Crime Stoppers website.