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Crime Stoppers is Working with More Partners to Make Aotearoa New Zealand Safe

Crime Stoppers, the anonymous reporting platform, has signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Police, Customs, Immigration New Zealand, Corrections and CERT NZ (internet crime) to work together on a shared vision of safer communities.

The MOU means these organisations will receive tips and information from the Crime Stoppers anonymous platform that will ultimately make communities safer. This builds on the long standing association between each of the parties.

Crime Stoppers Chairman Allan Freeth says it’s great to have MOU partners supporting the organisation and allowing vulnerable people to safely tell what they know.

He says, “We are here for the truth to be told and information to flow. This partnership supports the most vulnerable communities and provides a channel for people to speak up safely”.

The MOU was signed by:

  • Police Commissioner – Andrew Coster
  • Chair of the Honest Bunch Foundation (Crime Stoppers) – Allan Freeth
  • Chief Executive and Comptroller, NZ Customs Service – Christine Stevenson
  • Acting Head of Immigration New Zealand – Catriona Robinson
  • National Commissioner Corrections Services, Department of Corrections – Rachel Leota
  • Director, CERT NZ (Internet Crime) – Rob Pope

The MOU also provides funding for public awareness campaigns, an outcomes measurement guide, updated branding and a new partner, CERT NZ.

Its Director – Rob Pope, believes CERT NZ’s presence within the MOU is timely.

He says, “Much of the dark side of life can be found on the internet. So, we must allow the vulnerable to come forward safely. Internet-based scams and serious crimes are growing year on year, and it’s only natural that we should be using every source available to reduce public harm”.

However, an important part of the MOU is the guarantee of Crime Stoppers’ independence and its anonymous pledge that underpins public trust and effectiveness.

Police Commissioner – Andrew Coster says this approach is crucial, and Police are pleased to renew their long-standing partnership with Crime Stoppers.

He says, “Not everyone will report what they know to the Police, and having an anonymous and independent third-party channel to report criminal activity is a real community asset. Crime Stoppers has done a good job of ensuring its anonymous pledge is honoured, and we support that position”.

A new Crime Stoppers campaign using 0800 555 111 and www.crimestoppers-nz.org will be rolled out in the coming weeks with a focus on getting illegal guns out of the hands of gangs and organised crime.

Crime Stoppers statistics

  • Over 250,000 reports received
  • 60% of monthly reports are now made via the website
  • The largest yearly report area in Aotearoa is drugs
  • 20% of monthly web reports have attachments (PDF’s, images or similar)