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What information do you have?

If you know the type of illegal activities you are reporting
(If you are unsure of the type, check from the table below)

Illegal activities you can report to Corrections anonymously

Prisoner(s) in danger Prisoner(s) in danger from other prisoners.
Staff in danger from prisoner(s)Corrections staff member(s) in danger from prisoner(s).
Family members in dangerFamily members in danger from person(s) on probation in the community.
Members of the public in dangerMembers of the public in danger from person(s) on probation in the community.
Staff in danger from probationersCorrections staff member(s) in danger from person(s) on probation in the community.
EscapeEscape from prison planned.
Mistreatment of prisoner/probationerMistreatment of prisoner/person on probation by Corrections staff.
Illegal items or weaponsPrisoner/person on probation is in possession of illegal items or weapons.
Drug use by prisoner/probationerDrug use by prisoner/person on probation.
Drug use by staffDrug use by Corrections staff member(s).
Corrupt/unlawful practices by staff Corrupt/unlawful practices by Corrections staff member(s) – for example bringing in prohibited/illegal items (such as cell phones, weapons, tobacco) for prisoners.
Unlawful practicesUnlawful practices by prisoners – for example, organising/commissioning offences in the community whilst in prison.
Conflict of interestConflict of interest – for example, inappropriate personal relationship(s) between Corrections staff member(s) and prisoner(s)/person(s) on probation.
Other dishonestyOther dishonesty